Residence 2018-007, Los Angeles, CA

Location: Los Angeles, CA
Area: 2,220 ft² / 206 m²
Client: Private

Project text:
Charlap Hyman & Herrero designed a private residence consisting of three separate structures, each a cubic volume penetrating the property's hilly landscape. The primary structure comprises the main living spaces and two bedrooms, the second largest structure contains a garage and full guest suite, and the smallest is an indoor/outdoor living room and den. CHH designed the series of structures by iterating a perfectly square plan four times, fusing two of them together to form the primary structure. The multiple volumes that form the residence have a staggered placement on the property and have different heights, creating a dynamic compound-like living arrangement. The prismatic forms and grey brick façades of the residence make for a sharp contrast with its landscape, and yet the roof gardens above each structure have the effect of retaining a grassy bird's eye view.