Hiroshi Sugimoto's Oculist Witness, Design Miami, Basel, CH

Location: Design Miami, Basel, CH
Area: 190 ft² / 18 m²
Client: LizWorks

Project text:
For Design Miami/Basel, Charlap Hyman & Herrero designed a booth to showcase Hiroshi Sugimoto's Oculist Witness, presented by LizWorks. The work, one of a limited edition of eyeglasses with different color lenses, expounds on Sugimoto's fascination with transient memory and perception that runs throughout his œuvre. The fair booth presenting the artwork was reminiscent of a Japanese tearoom, an intimate, tatami-lined space with seating beneath a lowered ceiling. When viewed frontally, the booth is symmetrical not only bilaterally but horizontally, evoking the ethereal order of the artist's photographed seascapes. Like the work it featured, the booth created a totalizing, alternate visual experience within the bustle of Basel.