1076 Madison, 56 HENRY, New York, NY

Location: 56 HENRY, New York, NY
Area: 150 ft² / 14 m²
Client: 56 HENRY

Project text:
Charlap Hyman & Herrero designed the exhibition 1076 Madison, an installation of new work by Cynthia Talmadge at 56 HENRY. The downtown "white cube" gallery space was transformed into a room evocative of the institutional stuffiness of the iconic Upper East Side Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel, the subject of Talmadge's series on display. At the same time, with silk paneled walls and crown moldings meeting soaring ceilings, the space suggested the archetypal grand residence of a collector with the most conservative taste - a collector whose last outing might take place at Frank E. Campbell. Ironically, such a home might be the most likely setting for the once avant-garde Impressionist paintings Talmadge's own draw from in their pointillist technique. In the choice to hang the works by traditional salon ropes tied in bows, and in the choice of color for the walls - eau de Nil, a synthetic green popular at the time of Impressionism - CHH and Talmadge left nostalgic traces of the original environments in which this art was exhibited.